Greetings Citizen!

*Well, hi. Hello. Welcome. I am Scott(y), also, The Eye, and I am, or will be, on a journey, a voyage, an odyssey, perhaps a pilgrimage, by bicycle somewhere, or nowhere, or anywhere. Quite obviously the “where” is undefined, and always changing. In short, I am living. And to live wholly is to be in flux, to be fluid, changeable, as time is changeable, is always moving, and yet it is always here, now. So, to really live is to wholly be here, now, but to be buoyant, to allow for the movement of the tide and the ripples and the waves or, better yet, to be the tide, the ripples, the waves themselves (but what does that really mean!?).

I’ll be writing things here. I’m not sure what, though likely not the typical cycle tourist’s content (and yet, perhaps so). I’ll be putting down whatever is in this crazy noodle of mine.

Peace & Love,

*I wrote that welcome in 2015 before beginning my first cross-country (mostly) trip. I think it holds up quite well (especially considering I only seem to have the time to update this when I’m on a trip) despite the blog’s now supposed association with me as photographer (blog title change from The Cosmological Bicycle to The Cosmological Eye which is my portfolio and Instagram name) and not just traveler by bicycle

I first began the blog as a way to document my bicycle trip across the United States in 2015/16, but since returning I thought it would be nice if it covered a broader range of material, and be more illustrative of myself as a whole person, and not simply a document of my travels. Yet I’ve found no time to write since I’ve been back in Annapolis living a more or less normal life: working, running, cycling, photographing, following the crypto markets, reading, watching things, etc. Most of the reason for this is lack of time. Some of it is lack of motivation of course as well. However, I am about to embark on another bike trip across the United States (hopefully successful this time), and so I will leave that little introduction up there as it just feels right to, and leave this little note (that is longer than the original introduction) down here.



2 thoughts on “Greetings Citizen!

    1. Classic Scott Post author

      Hahaha, I definitely remember meeting the two of you. It’s not often one meets such a talented painter, and, even more so, one who has exhibited in Annapolis. Thank you so much for the compliment! It means a lot!



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