Maryland and Virginia

Hi there. I’m currently in the Chapel Hill/Carrboro area of North Carolina stayin’ and chillin’ with a rad dude named Chad. Finally have some time to upload some early photographs, as I’m relaxing at the lovely Open Eye Café. Hopefully I can write something a bit later on and get this thing back on track, although, what that track is I haven’t an idea yet, so…

Anyway, these are some kind of okay snaps (unedited, btw). Enjoy.

P.S. At this point in the trip I hadn’t properly figured out how to bracket for multiple jpg images, so these are all black and white. Next photo update should have some color.


2 thoughts on “Maryland and Virginia

  1. Jay Norton

    Scott, cool pics. Chapel Hill is a cool town. Just ask Ryan,used ti visit his buddy Connor there at the Univ of NC. Great college town. Raining in MD today, hope you have good rain gear.
    Bike looks good, Carl did a nice job with the welding. I forwarded your cell phone # to A. Lynn and R & R..
    You take care …U Jay


    1. Classic Scott Post author

      Chapel Hill was a lot of fun. Actually didn’t see a lot of it because one of the two days I was there it rained all day. My friend I was staying with lived really close to Carrboro, and worked at a cafe there, so I spent more of my time in Carrboro probably. They’re practically the same city, but with different sort of vibes (Chapel Hill being more collegiate).

      I do have pretty solid rain gear. For my trailer especially as it’s exposed at the top. I fashioned a pretty nice rain cover for it.

      The welder did well enough. It’s not super clean up close, and the bike looks obviously strange with the black patch of paint at the headtube, but it’s holding up, and that matters most right now.

      Thanks Uncle Jay.



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