Boring Practicalities Update

As I am uncertain what updates are notified to you, my readers, I thought that I should pen a short update regarding my “Maps” page of this blog. I have at last updated it after finally finding a website that would convert the .fit files which my GPS produces, and is useless to everything except Garmin and Strava, to a .gpx file, which is basically the world standard for GPS tracking information. That said, if you wish to see what progress I’ve made, and more or less where I might currently be (only today will it be accurate, because I’m leaving tomorrow morning, until I get to Little Rock, AR where I will be able to update it again) you may take a peek now.

Also, if you’re interested in some simple statistics, if you click on each of the individual tracks, which are a merger of several days travels, you can see things such as distance, average speed, altitude change, total time (not sure if that’s pedaling time, or includes times when I’ve paused the tracking to have a snack or take a series of photographs, etc.), etc.



2 thoughts on “Boring Practicalities Update

  1. Jay Norton

    Don’t see a web address for your “maps” I would like to follow your progress and see where you have been. Did not see an address in your blog.



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