Leaving Little Rock. A last breakfast at Mylo before I depart. A good time was enjoyed, and I think the neighborhood where James, my host, lives is exceptional: a couple miles outside downtown, and perched atop a hill. It contains everything one would need to live comfortably, and more.

One day James and I ventured into the city because I wanted to see a Dorothea Lange exhibit at the Arts Center. Touching, emotionally gripping photographs of dust bowl era farmers, women, children, and migrant workers in towns across parts of the mid-west. These photographs were all shot with support by the Farm Security Administration in an effort to bring to light the issues that these people were facing in the face of absolute devastation. I thought it pertinent to my own project of traveling and photographing the U.S. It has perhaps encouraged me to photograph people more…. I shouldn’t write the word “more,” because I have effectively photographed no one.



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