77 – Certain Places in L.A. Just Suck You in and Don’t Let You Go

Attempting to leave L.A. for parts unknown. Impossible though. Swamped under by my attendant’s generosity at Go Get’Em Tiger. After buying the first of two drinks brings over a third, c’est cadeau. So now I’m just sitting here. Read a bit more of the Miller-Durrell correspondence. Sadly, nearly through. Talk with my attendant… I don’t exactly know what to refer to him as. Doesn’t make the drinks so technically not a barista. It’s really very unimportant. I wonder if I have a parking ticket*… Anyway, still need to get to Home Depot for denatured alcohol, then on to Joshua Tree for a run. And then? No idea where I’ll be sleeping tonight. Wal-Mart parking lot near Joshua Tree, or at the Algodones Dunes (or nearby Brawley).

Back to G.G.E.T., what an inspiration of a place! Exactly as I’ve wanted to run a cafe for years: counter service, very much like a diner, but more modernly designed and decorated with an attention to detail and quality that isn’t found in diners, traditionally. Long and narrow space with a poured concrete floor, white walls and curved red lamps leaning from them, gazing over individual high tables opposite the standing-room-only counter. Red accents, natural, light wood, and a lovely, sizable nook in a bright, windowed space up front with room for multiple people. The place is obviously a strong community hub, and the employees are the fulcrum upon which all this turns: outstanding! Willing to engage in conversation, beyond welcoming, great recommendations (easy when everything is likely so damn good, though). Use of iPads by the roaming attendants is tremendously smart, streamlining service and making ordering a breeze. It makes for an easier time funneling traffic, and keeps from a long register line forming. Do go there if you’re ever in the city (or if you’re a resident and haven’t yet discovered the place).

*I did. $63 for going over the meter, but when’s the next time I’ll be in California with that car and New Mexico tags?


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