Mission San Xavier late this morning.

Time worn, desert worn, crumbling like the mountains, immaculate beauty, hard calculating exterior shadows, soft and cool interior ones amongst the arches and domes, the smell of burning candle wicks, restoration work occurring amongst the shadows and scaffolding, woman sitting meditatively against a wall. All is peace for a while until the bloke with the noisy camera comes around. Soporific atmosphere, gentle light, gentler shadows, pins placed on St. Francis’ shroud, redbluegold painted walls like Q*bert’s realm, hard wooden pews—arms and seats’ varnish worn through to the wood. That bare wood a symbol for something. Truth?

Last coffee at Cartel, an unexpectedly delightful discovery in Tucson for this coffee geek. Leaving with an astounding P.N.G. Soon to be on my way to Arcosanti.

At Arcosanti now. Dinner. A delicious dinner mind you. Buffet style. I’m well impressed; it’s worth the $10. Somehow ended up at the one table where half the staff is. Not sure why they sat with me with all the empty tables in the place. These two kids in their early twenties are beside me eating, not saying a word. Sort of mumbled conversation after sitting, but the last ten minutes is just the ‘tink’ of fork on plate. Maybe they’re embarrassed that I might hear some juicy, undisclosable secret (though if that’s the case why not just get their own table). Or just boring. Their colleagues beside them are carrying on lively enough. Thank God I’m on the corner. It’s an easy escape if necessary. There are at least ten other empty tables, as I mentioned. What about me is so magnetic? Like Kevin at the AirBnB in Tucson. Wouldn’t stop talking. Latched onto me like a crab. Or a leach. Or a disciple.

I have great neighbors in the bedroom adjacent to mine. Drinking wine and making merry. I’ll have a glass with them when I’ve finished dining. If any is left. They’re peak bagging. All the highest points in each of the fifty states. What a challenge! (and an expense). I rather like the idea. Quite a collection of memories acquired I imagine.


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