86 – We, Me,

Trump won the election the other night. Most of the country is in shock. And I do mean most; Hillary won the popular vote by a large margin. I’m still in a bit of shock myself. What can one do now? Perhaps he won’t be as awful as he made himself out to be throughout this entire election season. Perhaps he won’t attempt to deport millions of immigrants who contribute to the economy, who are building, or have built, lives here for themselves and their children. We are all one people of this one Earth. I welcome everyone of every stripe and shade to this nation. In nature there are no walls. Within me there are no walls. You are you, and I am I, and between us there is no difference but the air which flows freely all around the world. That same air that you breathe is that which I breathe. The same water you drink is the same water I drink. If nothing else connects us but this then that alone should be sufficient.

I am like the Serengeti. A great plain where all may come together and live. I contain lakes and rivers, and vast land for cultivating. Within me all comes together in peace. the Bible speaks that one day the lamb may lie down with the wolf, but this occurs within me regularly NOW. Under the shade of a eucalyptus, the distant ocean waves lapping at the beach like the gentle purring of a cat. I have no mountains to scale, but only trails to run free, and with joy.


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