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At a cafe, Groundwork, in L.A.’s arts district. A great space: large and airy, brick walls, tall windows, high ceiling, exposed beams, and friendly baristas. I’ve noticed my journal entries always start with some variation of the phrase “I am at X”…

I want to reflect on the past several days, but I feel a bit rushed with having to sort my bike out. Am I flying with it? Am I shipping it? Can I leave it with someone? (One would think I’d have this sorted before arriving, especially as I will be departing later tonight…) Additionally, I will potentially be getting some sort of small and lightweight hiking pack, so I’m in need of finding an REI, or similar store. And, to ice the cake, rain is scheduled for this afternoon. I was told by a couple on the train last night that southern Caliifornia has been getting a lot of rain lately, totally unnatural for this region, but sure enough, as soon as I departed the train I saw the slick, damp sheen on the concrete. Rain is the last thing I want to deal with today. Figuring out what to do with the bike is stress enough.


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