Version 0.59 (Day 1, Koh Lanta, Looking and Thinking)

04/30/19, Koh Lanta

I’m sitting at a small, round table inlaid with mosaic, on the patio of a cafe, sipping a cappuccino and nibbling the densest chocolate croissant I have ever had. I wanted to journal on the drive here in the mini-bus, exhausted and in a semi-comatoes state, but even had I been able to gather and coordinate my thoughts in a coherent manner, the near constant bouncing and banging around on the seat would have made it impossible.

It’s begun to rain in spurts, but that’s no surprise as we are on the cusp of the rainy season, if it has not already begun. Seems a poor time to be on Koh Lanta, but little could be done in that regard as I made work exchange plans: I’m receiving free accomodation for photographing the hostel I’m staying at. That’s a hard deal to turn down for someone trying to stay to a fairly tight, if undetermined, budget. So here I am writing a bunch of nothing and daydreaming.

Wanting to write. No brain function. Nothing to write. Just watching the happenings on the poorly paved street from the porch. Mainly just scooter traffic up and down, back and forth. Some people walking. Two guys in a scooter/jeep sort of contraption shouting at pedestrians, primarily women, asking or saying I have no idea what. Maybe looking to drive them around? Perhaps it’s some sort of taxi. By their appearance, though, one would not judge them as  particularly savory characters. Best to be avoided.

I am surprised by the number of muslims down here, though I suppose I ought not be considering the proximity to Malaysia. Claudio says they make better business partners than the Buddhists. Something about them being more practical-minded. I wouldn’t know anything about that, but I suppose he has more experience with it than I, being as he’s lived here for quite a long time now.

I brought my poncho with me in case the rain really decides to come down. So far it has been unnecessary, which is how being prepared works.

I was on a train last night which left Bangkok and arrived in Trang this morning. I went through my usual mental bout of what the fuck am I doing this for, writing a bit about it, but ultimately being stymied by the time of day (late evening) and the fact that the lights refused to work. Part of those misgivings I had I can blame on simply over-thinking things. The other part was missing Mozzie, while simultaneously wondering why I should bother persuing a relationship with someone off the American continent anyway, while also being annoyed by this relationship we have in the first place, however it may be defined, because it’s fucked my rather vague travel plans (I really should have just flown to Japan) and has caused me this stress (yet I wouldn’t change a thing).


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