Version 0.68 (Daily Doings)


I spend my days doing little. I’ve come to a sort of peace with being here despite the food causing some sort of inflammation—I can’t wait to get back to eating Vietnamese; I felt better in Vietnam than I had anywhere else in ages. I still hate the bathrooms here though: the awful combination of shower and toilet in one small closet-like space, and no towel at the sink to boot. I’m used to the lack of air-conditioning though; and besides, plenty of cafes around the city are air-conditioned.

Mostly my days consist of a cheap breakfast of toast with peanut-butter, jelly, and bananas (I bought my own peanut butter because I just couldn’t stomach the idea of ingesting margarine (THE STUFF IS STILL MADE!!!!) for more than the first few days I was at the hostel), and appallingly bad instant coffee; shooting the breeze with my co-workers and a particular longish term guest; then lunch; stop at a cafe for reading, writing, real coffee; a run through KLCC park fit in somewhere every other day; continual check-ups on crypto and forex charts; then work at night. It’s simple, on the whole enjoyable, and routine which means some level of comfort.

I dropped my camera off at Fuji’s repair center here for a price and time quote. Not sure I will have enough time left here to have the repairs done before I go back to Vietnam.


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