Version 0.95 (Into Santa Barbara)


Today was alright. One might even say it was enjoyable. Thanks to a properly early start (10am, which, admittedly, isn’t very early but is before noon) I was in Santa Barbara by 3:30. You might think this to be plenty of time to find a suitable grounds to camp, have a snack somewhere, and wander around a bit, but, no, I have the weight of this photography submission on my mind, as well as needing to charge pretty much every electrical device that I own—gps watch, phone, laptop, and battery backup. Additionally a good number of the streets in town were closed down, blocked off, and crowded with festival-goers. Because of this I spent my time until dark in cafes. Not a great use of it, but productive in a way. Now, I’m camped out on someone’s vacant property (thanks, actually, to having spent so much time at Handlebar Coffee Roasters) thinking about how I don’t feel like continuing this cycling trip even though it’s only about a two week tour. Hoping to stay with a WarmShowers’er tomorrow night as I’d like a day to sort my life out further, to explore a city I’m fascinated by, and to give my legs a rest from the pedaling and my skin a break from the sun.


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